A story of melba pattillo the first black student in an all white school

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A story of melba pattillo the first black student in an all white school

Summary Analysis Melba worries that integration will be halted again. At the same time, she prays for the strength to make it through the school year. They cannot take the usual route to Central due to police warnings that segregationists might be waiting for them.

Their collective commitment to white supremacy and racism is evident in their gathering to harass the students and abuse them into submission. Active Themes Inside of the school, the shouting and harassment worsens.

A story of melba pattillo the first black student in an all white school

Melba notes that the inside of the school feels like a museum. It is the largest building that she has ever entered.

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Huckaby, the vice principal for girls, from previous meetings with the school board. Huckaby hands them their schedules and instructs them to wait for their guides. Suddenly, Thelma has another attack. The students are concerned but Mrs. Huckaby rushes them out. Once again, Thelma has an attack due to her heart condition during another tense moment and, again, the students are urged to proceed without her, as though nothing should interrupt their effort at Central.


Active Themes The students notice that none of them have the same homeroom or shared classes. She is frightened and feels numb.

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She runs to keep up with her guide, despite the distractions of the angry voices around her. Suddenly, she feels a slap, then spit dribbling down her face. The separation of the black students effectively eliminates their only base of support at the school. Melba admits that she has underestimated the hostility toward the Little Rock Nine at the Central.

Though there are plenty of white adults in the street who oppose the presence of black students, Melba is surprised to encounter similar hostility from educators.

Central has always been a space that Melba wanted to enter, but it is now a dangerous and hostile space. Melba finds herself confronted by the fears of white people—sexual fears of miscegenation, but really, fears about the slow erosion of white supremacy—that she is too young to understand fully.

She is also unsure of how to react, particularly in response to an elder. Active Themes When Melba enters her first class, a hush falls over the room.

She walks toward an empty seat and all the students sitting nearby move away. The teacher ignores her and allows a boy to heckle Melba and threaten her with violence.

The next class is gym where girls are playing volleyball outside. While trying to escape the cruelty of the girls, she worries about the nearby mob. The gym teacher alerts Melba to a group of women jumping the school fence and shouting obscenities.Interview with Melba Pattillo Beals Following is a transcript of the January 31, , live chat with Melba Pattillo Beals, one of the nine black students who integrated Little Rock Central High School in September, Teen Ink, a national teen magazine, book series, and website devoted entirely to teenage writing, art, photos and forums.

Students must be age 13 . Oct 14,  · The Remarkable Story of the Battle to Integrate Little Rock Nine Member Looks Back At Integrating White High School In Negro Student Melba Patillo Prepares For School In Newly.

The Arkansas National Guard Youth Challenge program is a week residential program for at-risk youth ages 16– In the program graduated cadets. In , well before Martin Luther King’s "I Have a Dream" speech, Melba Pattillo Beals and eight other teenagers became iconic symbols for the Civil Rights Movement and the dismantling of Jim Crow in the American South as they integrated Little Rock’s Central High School in the wake of the landmark Supreme Court ruling, Brown nationwidesecretarial.com .

Melba says in Chapter 1, "it's a white world" in Arkansas during the 's. List two events so far that might show exactly what she means.

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