Nibong tebal paper mill holdings berhad

The plant is grown as a food source for insects that prey on oil palm pests such as bagworms and nettle caterpillars. The use of beneficial plants has effectively reduced the usage of chemical pesticide.

Nibong tebal paper mill holdings berhad

Can collect if there is a correction 1.

Nibong tebal paper mill holdings berhad

With iot and strenthening of ringgit to monitor will benefit them. Recently venture into thunderbolt gaming notebook to capture egames market. Bonia hot - consumer stock may make a come back after the abolishment of gst as well as if ringgit were to strengthen or hover around 3.

What's interesting is the recent increase in their sales to all time high of million per quarter. They are having high margin due to huge capex expansion into vietnam production.

Additional two tissue machine paper has been added into production in Vietnam which is expected to commence operation in april Current ratio of above 1 as well. Seems positive moving forward. Downside risk is increase in pulp price.

Yocb neutral - safe bet but limited growth. Pe of 7 and recent increase in sales due to consignment sales. Net cash company with nta of 1. Zhulian neutral - net cash and safe bet company with dividend of 4.

Strongly net cash company with cash of million compare to total debt of 39 million. Net cash per share is 21 cents.

Nibong tebal paper mill holdings berhad

No harm keeping one of this in our portfolio to withstand any downturn. With the abolishment of gst, it may benefit this stock as well to increase the consumer demand. What is great about this company is good management. Downside risk is more smokers buying illegal cigarate.

The management did mention that they are unhappy with what the market is valuing their share price given their past performance. With the abolishment of gst, this may help to boost their sales and margin as well.

Only buy if upside is greater than downside.

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Don't buy all time high at current market. Pwf neutral - trading way below nta of 1. With strenthening of ringgit it will benefit them. Recent sales manage to maintain at 91 million per quarter. Scenario analysis performed if myr and USD maintain at 3. Downside is increase in their main raw material price.

There are still quite a number of good fundamental company to monitor when price deep. Go ahead and monitor and take this opportunity.

NTPM - Nibong Tebal Paper Mill

Don't chase high but buy consolidation stock or stock that took a correction that hit historical low. To limit the downside risk.toilet paper dispenser patent meme genesis v men’s mountain bike review flanigan mill rd north trek stigall field pfm1 minecraft famrx holdings corporation the bigger picture film club bristol faith and hope williams after separation.

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Rashdan bin Baharom En. Mohd. Rafi bin Omar PASUKAN BERTINDAK “EUROCODE EC7” (Position Paper Committee on Eurocode EC7) Pengerusi Engr. Yee Yew Weng PASUKAN BERTINDAK ISU UNTUK PENTABIRAN (Position Paper Committee on Good Regulatory Practices) Penasihat Engr.

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Rocky Wong Hon Thang Ahli-Ahli Engr. Tan Yean Chin. Far East Holdings Berhad (W) Annual Report RM SHARE PRICE (Source: Bursa Market Watch) NET TANGIBLE ASSET PER SHARE RM KEY INDICATORS As at 31 December DIVIDEND PER SHARE 25 Sen Sdn. Bhd.

Prosper Palm Oil Mill Sdn. Berhad Kilang Sawira Makmur Sdn. Bhd. * Paid up share capital. NIBONG TEBAL, S.P.S. PENANG. Participant, Baktisiswa Project at Nibong Tebal, Organised by Desasiswa Permai, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Academic Year / Deputy Director, Educational Motivation Course, Organised by Indian Cultural Society, USM, Penang, Academic Year / Great value furniture online.

Free delivery and home assembly.

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