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See Article History Alternative Title: It is, however, the story of her courageous refusal to accept an act of racial discrimination that provided inspiration to a later generation of black persons in Nova Scotia and in the rest of Canada. Early life and family She was brought up in a large family, including 10 siblings, and her parents were highly regarded within the black community in Halifax.

Viola desmond essay help

The idea of devoting a specific period of time to exploring black culture and history in Canada was implemented inbut February officially became Black History Month in This month is now dedicated to exploring the lives of influential black Canadians in the country, to remembering the storied history of black people in Canada and to focusing on the importance of diversity and equality throughout the entire nation.

This post focuses on Viola Desmond, a business woman who refused to accept discrimination as the norm in her country.

Want to help your students learn more about Desmond and her story? While she trained for this profession and prepared to focus her career on education, she ultimately became an influential business woman in the black community in Halifax.

Together with her husband, Viola Desmond opened up a beauty salon and barbershop business. She expanded her business into the Desmond School of Beauty Culture, which allowed her to work directly with young black women in the region who wanted viola desmond essay help begin their own careers in the beauty industry.

This was an ideal way to combine her passion for education, her training as a teacher and her dedication to the community at large.

Early life and family

As they were attending business meetings in the province, Viola Desmond had to make a stop in New Glasgow because her car was having trouble. After taking it to the mechanic, Viola Desmond decided she had some time to spare, and opted to go see a movie at the local theatre in New Glasgow.

She had no idea that her decision to go see a movie would catapult her into a situation in which she needed to stand up for her rights, and the rights of all black Canadians, and would earn her a spot in the history books.

In what was an otherwise ordinary day, Viola Desmond made the decision to go to the movies while her car was repaired at a nearby shop in New Glasgow. Not being in her hometown, Viola Desmond was not aware that the local theatre was segregated. Unaware, she purchased her ticket and took a seat on the main floor of the theatre in order to enjoy the film.

Employees at the theatre approached her, and told Desmond that her ticket was for an upstairs seat and she would need to move. Despite learning the theatre was segregated, Desmond resumed her seat on the main floor of the theatre.

Shortly after, Desmond was confronted by the manager of the theatre. Desmond explained she had tried to exchange her ticket for one on the main floor and still refused to move. At this point, law enforcement officers were called into the theatre.

The police officers forcibly removed her from the theatre, and in the process, caused Viola Desmond to injure her hip. She was sent to jail, where she had to stay for the night. In addition to violating the segregated seating policy, the theatre also alleged that Viola Desmond did not pay the proper price for admittance.

They claimed that main floor seats were taxed higher than balcony seats. At the time of the incident, she had offered to pay the additional tax fee — which was about a 1-cent increase in price — but was not allowed.

Despite appealing her conviction twice, Desmond and her legal council were not successful in fighting the charges. Recognizing Viola Desmond Today Criminal charges against Viola Desmond were never dropped during her lifetime, but her court case did play a significant role in the fight against segregation in Nova Scotia and throughout Canada.

Bysegregation was outlawed in the province and black citizens were no longer subjected to separate, segregated facilities. Inat the age of 50, Viola Desmond passed away.

viola desmond essay help

She had raised awareness about an important issue, but she died with a mark on her character that she did not know would be erased.

Inhowever, Viola Desmond was granted a free pardon by the governor of Nova Scotia. By learning about the contributions of these individuals and understanding the struggles that they underwent in order to achieve their goals, we can learn to improve our own societal structure.

As we change the norms associated with race and discrimination, we will be able to minimize and hopefully eliminate the struggle of black people as well as all minorities in Canada. Hopefully, the history books in the decades to come can tell a different story about the black experience in Canada — one filled with equality, opportunity and assurance for the future.american journal of sociology religion essay effect of deforestation on climate essay essay on the movie the help comparison essay abraham lincoln vs martin luther king.

Levels 1 & 2 (grades 5 and up) Article page 2 Questions page 4 Photo page 6 Quiz page 8 Viola Desmond. Learn more about Viola Desmond and bank notes from the Bank of Canada website at Learning to “read the clues” in photographs can help us learn about historical or contemporary events, time periods or people.

Th e “5W” questions. Black History Month in Canada: Viola Desmond Facts & Accomplishments. Want to help your students learn more about Desmond and her story? Download this printable fill-in-the-blanks work sheet to share with students and help them learn more – don’t worry.

viola desmond essay help

newsletter. en pt es. cadastrar. Feb 26,  · Viola Desmond Ceremony at Dartmouth High School, February Desmond’s sister, Wanda Robson, was in attendance and on stage Thursday to help make the announcement. WATCH: Viola Desmond’s sister honoured by decision to feature her on $10 bill.

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